Dog Flu

Dear Kansas City Metro Vet Clinics:

As most of you know, there has been a very big outbreak of Canine Flu in the Chicago area.   This outbreak is making national news as it is rapidly spreading to Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Please consider preemptive measures to require CIV for all your social dogs.

Merck Animal Health testing has also confirmed respiratory Adno and Parainfluenza in the samples submitted.


  • 99 confirmed cases by Merck alone, 1,000 confirmed cases overall.
  • Positive cases spread to Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
  • Local media coverage in Chicago, South Bend Indiana, Atlanta, Phoenix,
  • Indianapolis, and Cleveland (links attached)
  • National media coverage in USA Today

The cost of this outbreak in Chicago will be far reaching:

Pet facilities, day cares, and dog parks have had to close.
Clinics are inundated with sick dogs.
Treatments are long lasting and costly.
5 Dogs have died.
Customers are questioning why they weren’t told about protective measures.
Vets are frantically calling for help and vaccines to administer to
their customers.

Media Coverage on 4.8.15:

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Kind regards,

Natalia Perine  | Territory Manager  |  Merck Animal Health  |
816.260.5293 direct  |